Are you popping pills?

We swallow a lot of pills in this society. Why shouldn't we? We and our children are exposed to thousands of drug commercials all saying the same thing - "it's good to take medicines." Television and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, soap operas and prime time shows all say it's okay to take drugs because "relief is just a swallow away."

Is relief important? Of course it is. If you're in pain or suffering, that's all you can think of. No one can question that there are times when medication is necessary and desirable. The accident victim, the burn victim, the terminally ill, the acute patient and others should receive the medication they need.

Is there an alternative to drug use? Chiropractic teaches us that true health does not come from a pill bottle, a lotion, a potion or some other chemical concoction. True health comes from within. Health is the expression of a body functioning properly. Chiropractors correct a very common condition that interferes with our body function causing it to weaken and become susceptible to disease and malfunction. That condition is called a vertebral (or spinal) subluxation. It is often a painless condition at first, but it can cause much more serious damage if it is not detected and corrected.

The greatest drug store in the world is your own marvelous body. It manufactures every medicine you need: antibiotics, insulin, painkillers, chemicals to alter your blood pressure, heartbeat, moods, hormones to regulate your digestion, growth, blood chemistry and hundreds of other drugs. They're all there inside of you if your body is working right.

When chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations, they help turn on your natural "internal" drug store. Correcting vertebral subluxations turn on your body's natural healing ability without side effects, adverse reactions or drug dependency.