Can my children be healthier with chiropractic care?

How often chiropractors have encountered parents who appreciate the importance of regular checkups for their child's teeth, hearing, eyes and ears, but draw a blank when it comes to a spinal checkup. In fact, a spinal checkup could be one of the most important checkups your child will ever have.

How can a child's spine lose its natural alignment? Vertebral subluxations have many possible causes. Injuries to a baby's spine can be caused by a difficult delivery, a breech presentation or simply too much stress to the child's body. Health problems early in infancy can be traced back to a difficult delivery. Immediately after birth, damage can occur if the baby is dangled by the feet!

An infant's spine is very susceptible to injury. In extreme cases, "whiplash shake syndrome," when a baby is severely shaken, can cause eye or brain damage, blindness, paralysis or convulsions. It is a cause of post-natal brain damage that most medical doctors don't recognize. The condition, however, was recognized by doctors of chiropractic nearly a century ago.

Two pilot studies conducted in Texas in 1974 and 1975 confirmed what chiropractors have known for years - that spinal adjustments can help children with emotional, behavioral and neurological problems. The kind of problems helped were asthma, anxiety, low mental stamina, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, discipline problems and even low grades and low I.Q. 1

If your child is suffering from any of these common conditions, it is essential to get his/her spine checked for vertebral subluxations, not because the doctor of chiropractic is treating your child for these conditions, but because all children, especially if they are ill, need healthy spines.

  • fever
  • croup
  • poor posture
  • constipation
  • weakness or fatigue
  • loss of hearing
  • arthritis
  • irritability
  • neck aches
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • skin disorders
  • bronchitis
  • poor coordination
  • painful joints
  • scoliosis
  • arm, hand, shoulder pain
  • hip, leg, foot pain
  • colic
  • hypertension
  • nervousness
  • bed wetting
  • stomachaches
  • ear infections
  • numbness
  • headaches
  • backaches
  • eye problems
  • sinus problems
  • asthma and wheezing
  • frequent colds
  • poor concentration

Because your children (and you) may have subluxations in their spines and not know it, all children need periodic spinal checkups. There are, however, certain warning signs indicating that the spinal column may be out of alignment:

  • chronic fatigue
  • skin conditions
  • one hip or shoulder higher than the other
  • a foot turned in or out
  • joint aches
  • shoulder blades flared out
  • can't stand still
  • hyperactivity
  • neck tilt
  • frequent falling
  • one leg shorter
  • "noisy bones"
  • nervousness

1 Leboyer, F. Birth without violence, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1984, pp. 21-28.